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Children's Book & Author Resources For Nursery/Kindy to Yr7

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Each module is designed to be independent of the others, built as a separate website, although Full Site is the full website in it’s entirety, with access to authors and books. The Teacher Notes however, are accessed within this site not the students’ separate site.

This means, for example, that just the Authors can be used for your classroom task, the students will not see any other part of the site. The books are broken down into separate modules for Picture Book/Early Readers, Chapter Books, Graphic Novels, Novels and Young Adult books. Again, these can be all accessed individually or together in the Full Site link.

When you purchase access you get full access to the full site, it is just that you can view each element separately if you wish.

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Teacher Book Notes

The Teacher Book Notes are accessed within this site NOT the children’s separate site, click the Book Notes link above to access, once you have subscribed.

There are over 2,300 links that take you straight to a particular book’s notes for you to print out.

This is a great tool for helping you to decide a lesson plan around a particular book. You could either search for a book title first in the A to Z list and select the book from your library or alternatively, you could find a book on your library’s shelf and come and check if there are book notes for that particular book .

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Broken down into the categories Picture Book/Early Readers, Chapter Books, Graphic Novels, Novels and Young Adult books. Each category includes a huge wealth of printable activities, websites relating to a particular book or series, games, further book series information, art projects, and quizzes.

It contains over 1500 of just Picture Book resources which are ideal for Nursery & Kindy schools.

Book Resources

They are broken down to alphabetical order of the title of the book which also includes numbers (see above).
NOTE: If a book title starts with A or The, it is placed in the next word order NOT under The or A.

Picture Books

When the title group is clicked it then takes them to another page which shows the alphabetical letter and lower case letter for the title. On the next page will show the list of books.

Picture Books A to D

At the top of each book page of book links, there is a legend which shows what each of the icons in the right hand corner of the box means.

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Author Web Sites

I have chosen author websites which are NOT Twitter and Facebook pages, there are a few blogs but on the main they are actual websites that I have checked and deemed suitable for children to explore.

They are broken down to alphabetical order of the author’s surname, then into blocks (see above) which when clicked on, show the alphabetical Capital letter and lower case letter (see above)


There are 1,000+ authors from around the world but mainly from the UK, Australia, USA and New Zealand
Each link has a screenshot of the website with a side bar on the right hand side, showing you what country they are from, so that children can research an author from a particular country.

Authors E to H
My Cute Graphics Link

All the clipart on this site come courtesy of MyCuteGraphics. I have been using them in school for quite awhile now. Please visit their super website for FREE clipart for teachers and schools